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The Demons

The upper-level demons were Brimstone, Abrus, Grimlock, Monkshood, Hellhounds, and Succubus. The lower-level demons were Yew, Snakeroot, Larkspur, and Castor, the latter being more dangerous than the others.

Brimstone Demons


In the hierarchy of demons, Brimstones were up there. They were in the Prince of Darkness’s inner circle.

Physical Appearance
– Glowering black beady eyes, horns.
– When they get really pissed, the tips of their horns smoke.

– They can spew hellfire, which is a portal to Lucifer. The black flames dance about 2 feet high and reek of brimstone.
– They often come out of nowhere.
– They can open portals to hell.

Abrus Demons


Physical Appearance
– Humanoid Looking.
– They smelled like sulfur, tar and oil.
– 2 small red horns on their forehead, and searing yellow eyes.
– They were all insanely gorgeous males, seductive and dangerous.

– Second to Lucifer himself.
– They can emit black bees that attack their enemy.
– Can manipulate dark magic.
– A whole host of other unknown things.

Grimlock Demons


Physical Appearance
– Bat-like wings.
– Large, muscular.

– Thick skin.
– Extreme strength.
– Can fly.

Connection with main cast
– Shea worked for a Grimlock demon, Master Grim, who owned her contract.

– Throat skin is the thinnest. Everywhere else is like rubber.

Monkshood Demons


Physical appearance
They are by far one of the creepiest kinds.
– They don’t have tongues, so they can’t speak, they have no voice.
– They wear hooded cloaks to cover their face and have misshapen bodies, but their red knobby horns stuck out through the top.

– Masters of mental compulsion.
– The demon’s eyes glow blue when they were using their gift of compulsion. One would stare at them dreamily.
– They didn’t even need to speak to use their gift, that’s how powerful they are.
– They only needed eye contact to get the job done.
– They could even effect Lincoln. “Lincoln was staring at him dreamily and lowering his sword.” – Bri (Ch. 4; YO)



They were rare and rumored to be Lucifer’s favorite creature.

Physical Appearance
– A two-headed mutt. (Dogs)
– The 2 heads were able to focus on 2 different things at the same time. “One of the Hellhound’s heads was glaring at me, the other at Luke. In that moment, both bared their teeth and growled at us simultaneously.” – Bri (Ch. 18; YO)
– A wolf dog with red eyes.

– Hellhounds would rip your throat out in a millisecond, and eat your entire carcass in an hour. Bones included.
– In order to kill them, you had to behead them.

Succubus Demons


Physical Appearance
– Only known female demon. Humanoid-looking with thin silvery hair, and gaunt cheeks.
– Waif thin body, showing protruding bones from every angle.
– Missing eyes, instead black empty pits.

– Her hands are weapons themselves. The fingers didn’t seem to have skin, they were just sharpened bones that turned into claws, and glowed an angry red.
– Spits Razor blades for fun.
– Feeds off children’s fear and bad dreams, which usually kills them from the shock. Then they escape into open portals back to Hell, which they leave open so more demons can filter through.

Larkspur Demons


Physical Appearance
– They were a menacing 7 feet tall.
– Thick gray leathery skin, a menacing pug-faced look.

– Causing Nausea and illness
– They made you physically ill while in their presence, weakening you the longer you stayed near them.
– 10 minutes in the room and you would be puking your brains out, unable to do a damned thing to defend yourself.
– Just a few seconds and you could feel the body aches setting in, like a really bad case of food poisoning, or the flu.
– Being close to one makes you feel like death, your whole body breaks out in chills as nausea rolls through you like waves crashing against a shoreline.
– They have crazy speed.
– They packed a punch.

– If you could illuminate the room, there was no way they could hide because they were so tall.

Castor Demons


They were the most dangerous of the four.

Physical Appearance
– Their skin was thick like armor, not much able to pierce it. Eyes turn white when dead.

– Energetic Bursts or Waves
– They created these little energetic bursts or waves that knocked you on your ass.
– Getting within 2 feet of a Castor demon was damn near impossible.

Snakeroot Demons


Physical Appearance
– Tiny.
– Natural scent of sulfur, acid and raw sewage.
– Red beady eyes and threaded black horns.
– They drool a lot and have lizard-like mouths.
– Sticky-pad feet could hold them on the wall while they continue to spit rapid-fire.
– At 24 inches tall, they are reminiscent of a medium-sized dog, except with scaly skin, and sticky hands and feet that let him climb walls. Rat-like paws.

– Acid Spitting
– They pucker their lips before spitting.
– Their acid made one’s arm feel like it would fall off.
– The acid is combustible. Green acid. Phosphorescent steam.
– The little shits could be very nasty. It was best not to startle them either, as one spit to the face could leave you blind for life.
– Loudness sent them into a spitting frenzy.

– Snakeroot demons were terrified of Monkshood demons.
– Those little creatures loved sugar. Cupcakes, syrup, candy – anything sweet would distract them.
– At sugar his little nostrils flared, a greedy look in his eyes. While gobbling candy, a thin sliver of drool falls from his mouth. He feverishly reacts to skittles.

Yew Demons


Physical Appearance
– Tiny bat-like wings.

– Spitting Fire
– They spit fire. If you got them going, they wouldn’t stop until the whole place was in flames.

– Their only weakness was that they were pretty much blind and super slow, going off sound.

Healer Demons


– Not much known. Healed Bri’s dad, their magic smells of cinnamon and oil.

Mugwort Demon


Physical Appearance
– Yellowish bone colored horns and wart faces.

– Being alcoholics.

– Liquor of any kind. They prefer brandy.
– Money

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