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When angels fell from the sky to war with the demons that ravaged Earth, their combined powers infected humanity. Now, the humans are assigned one of two fates, being either demon gifted or angel blessed. Follow Brielle and her classmates as they enter the exclusive Fallen Academy. There they will learn to not only harness the powers they’ve been given, but they will fight the demons that ravage Earth and make unbreakable friendships. Fallen Academy isn’t for the weak at heart, only the best go on to fight evil, all in an effort to restore goodness to humanity.

The Series

Fallen Academy: Year One by Leia Stone

Year One Book 1

Fallen Academy: Year Two by Leia Stone

Year Two Book 2

Fallen Academy: Year Three by Leia Stone

Year Three Book 3

Fallen Academy: Year Four by Leia Stone

Year Four Book 4